Monday, August 08, 2011


A photo of Virginia City, Montana, which I've used as my book cover for Montana Promises, which is now up on Kindle. I would've posted the book cover, but fetched this one by mistake, so just leaving it here. I got this from dreamstime. This photo stock site has almost everything one could want. Check it out.

I'll add my cover later to the side bar to join Dream Walker. Both are from my back list of Western Historical Romances published by Topaz in the 90s. I just received word that the next two are currently being scanned, so I can soon go to work editing, formatting and uploading these to Kindle.

My workshop, scheduled for October 1 at Ozark Folkways, will cover publishing your book to Kindle. It's posted in events on my Facebook page. Cost is $25 for the full day and I'm only taking ten (well, you know if number 11 called, I'd probably make an exception.) Everyone will need to bring their laptop. Once you're registered I'll let you know what you have to download into your computer to take part in the workshop. We'll be uploading to Mobi Creator, which is one of the easiest and best I found after months of comparing various ways to publish to Kindle.

Those of you who look forward to my regular writer's workshop can plan on a spring event. This one on Kindleization has been heavily requested.

To read a first chapter of Montana Promises and Dream Walker, go to my website. My two blogs this week have contained some shameless promotion, but I've also tried to add helpful information for those who follow me.


bob said...

Hey, Velda. I love the log cabin photo for the bookcover.

Velda Brotherton said...

Thanks, Bob. That's a part of Virginia City, Montana, which today is a tourist attraction as a ghost town. The town plays a big part in the book. When I saw this I just had to use it.